Inhuman alert

Hammered with stones, raped till her last breathe. This eight year old child’s traumatized soul, like many others, again stays unheard. Her sinners are held up and supported. Why? In the name of religion and caste, they stand strong and in the name of humanity? Who stood or will stand?

Large posters, screams, shouts, slogans and protest march done and forgotten. The same shameful act continues. Day and night. Here and there. A nasty, brutal act becoming more of a daily news rather than “breaking news”. Where is the law and order? Soundly sleeping in the bed of money, politics and power. How can we get rid of this devil when the devil is kept safe inside and not punished!

To the ones involving in such inhumane act. I wish to ask. How would you feel when your mother is held captive, injected seductive drugs and beaten to death? How does it feel to look into the body of your daughter with marks all over, thrashed by the rapist? Or say your sister stoned and hammered to death, would you enjoy listening to her screams and tortured mourns?

If all of if makes you happy. Dear rapist, lets begin with you. Repeating the ENTIRE process that you did/do as a ‘man’ on the innocent lives, that deserved so much more to achieve and live. I wish you are not just hanged till death but held captive, tortured, harassed, beaten, broken every bone, raped, stoned and hammered to make sure you are breathing your last breathe. In this entire process let realization and regret visit you. Or else; Dear world, a rapist is born everyday in the womb of lust, revenge, desperation and nurtured by inhuman thoughts.

It’s time, that our sleeping beauties who are called law and order, wake up! No prince charming but humanity alone has to break this evil spell.



Once upon a time, there was a innocent, loving soul flying high inside a little girl. This girl was satisfied and happy about so many wrong things. Bundles of wrongs that was bottled up tight untill adulthood arrived. She stood proud about a man unaware of the fact- how good he was at ditching and robbing.

Every child matters. Every dream deserves a reality.

He dutifully snatched his wife’s right to a job, he robbed his family of the numerous family vacations that other families casually hopped into; because from a toddler the child was enlightened that a vacation is an unnecessary luxury, he rants about things which are every parent’s duty. When you will view this family from a distance, its so perfect. Who would see that there are deep crates that were dugged and left behind in utter silence. No answer! Not even when asked for. Especially because ‘you are a girl’. You do not ask, you stay mute even when there is a tornado killing you inside everyday.

Double standards! A weapon in which the society is trapped or the society traps and kills million hopes and dreams. Luckily or unluckily here, the society was miles away from the reality of double standards that struck this little girl’s soul twenty years later. 

Had she asked for marriage, things would have been so much easier because why not!. She has gathered the “marriagable” qualifications. Money is never an issue for this occasion nor are the answers to every question she asks for. Name it child and its yours. Any kind of food, dress type, decorations and what not! Every wish is to be fulfilled. She is getting married or say the burden called “girl” finally will be handed over. At this point all duties tends to feel life cotton balls because this was the heaviest burden that any typical ‘Indian parents’ carries on their head from the day “she” is born. 

Blunder arrived. She offered to help. Help to run a business. Excitement was at its peck when after numerous verbal clash finally the father agreed to hand over a small renovation process. Even promises were done to open another venture. One step at a time. So big was the smile, so tight her dreams hugged her that day, so ready she was to take the steps.

Macho lives awaked. Male ego rised and punched back. Every string of her dream was pulled down. Knocked down before stepping ahead once. But why? No answer! Not even when asked for.You are a girl. You do not ask, you stay mute, even when there is fire to make dreams reality. Even when she has the capacity to make a career solely in the ‘men’ dominated world. It was never the money issue(as told) she knew deep inside. It is the ‘she’ issue. An issue in which the thinking spoke that a girl will never make it. Her capacity was dropped down low and smashed. Such middle class households still can arrange a pomp and show for the society in which the daughter is married off. Money arrives then but money departs to neverland when that same daughter becomes ambitious.

Once upon a time, there was a proud daughter. Now, there is a only a girl with her few other dreams. No ‘the end’ but ‘to be continued’. In another tale with new hopes blooming and shining bright.

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Namsai and nature

Making a local connection

Making, breaking, mending and then repeat, so far I have met these phases mostly in experiences. Experiences whose even shadow was not thought of facing. I guess solo trips teaches such lessons at its best. My first solo one to Arunachal pradesh, left and lead me to explore, learn about nature, people and myself in a new context.   I met nature here in the most genuine and organic form. My deepest local connection was made with Namsai’s evenings, sky, the deliciously simple foods, sunrises-sunsets, birds, rainbows, snow capped mountains, wildflowers, the beautifully sculptured monuments and dharamshalas of the buddhist monks. These were my heroes who broke the mundane working routine of the whole day. A small town name Namsai in Arunachal pradesh, here I spent three months amidst of different but the most blessed place.

I must say that at any day, given a choice I would always choose nature’s company instead of humans.

If I were to write a letter to the all these heartfelt things. It would be an endless thank you note to the sky of every evening and the sunset. To the clouds that created waves scattering the colourful rays of the sun that every corner of my eyes could reach to. Thank god, I had a phone to capture such a sight and share these moments with rest of my world. Even looking at it now brings back my all the positive vibes and strength. Never to forget the bright rays of the mornings and I would send the warmest hug to the snow-capped mountains. These mountains had me in love at ‘first sight’, scaling up to touch my sky of love. The lucky birds flying in the sky are another flock of beauty. The pattern made on their way back home on every evening sky is the most perfect and eyes soothing picture.

How nature can steal away part of you, had me realise much more now. I know that a part of my soul is left behind looking out at the wildflowers, listening to the giggles of the teenagers, getting the pleasant goosebumps by the gentle cold evening breeze, breathing in the freshness, peace in the dharamshala, fishing around the marketplace and thinking what to buy and what not, smelling and tasting the simple local cuisine and a smile that greeted in the conversations with the humble strangers. It is now a fact of my life, that till the last blink of my eyes and till the last drop of blood pumping, this friendship is to stay.

My life so far have had a very few deep, lasting connections and the ones who are there are worth it. Travel and nature, the two  joys with their own set of surprises. Traveling gives the opportunity to fall in love with nature again and again. I hope to visit another part of Arunachal Pradesh soon, warping myself in your arms and smiling broad on uniting again with my permanent local connection (in every place), nature!

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Evening sky

The evening sky of Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh. Clicked on cellphone. Photo: Sudeepta Bora